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Return to Campus and SFU’s COVID Plans

This page will be updated frequently. It combines information from the SFSS, SFU, and Povincial Health as well as tips for managing your return to campus.

Academic Integrity Hearings & Support

Have you been accused of violating the Academic Integrity Policy? Here are your options to appeal allegations of Academic Misconduct.

Navigating Academic Concessions and Accommodations

Learn the difference between an accommodation and a concession and how academic concessions have changed in response to the COVID 19 Pandemic.

Withdrawal Under Extenuating Circumstances (WE)

Has something unexpected happened and you need to withdraw from a course, but you missed the drop deadline? Find out how to get a WE here.

Grade Appeals

Do you feel you were graded unfairly or an error was made? Bring it up with your Instructor/TA ASAP! Here is how the process works.