Services and Resources for Women and Those Assigned Female at Birth (AFAB)


SFSS Women’s Centre

Regardless of your orientation or identity, the Women’s Centre is a space that is dedicated to providing education and services to all visitors, including allies. So, feel free to stop by anytime to ask us questions, access our library, eat your lunch on our couches, or just say hi to staff and volunteers.

The Women’s Centre provides services to students of all genders, including:

  • Crisis referrals & peer support
  • A free feminist library (no fines!)
  • Free safer sex & menstrual supplies (free tampons, pads, safer sex supplies, pregnancy tests, and more!)
  • Food support
  • Two garden plots
  • Variety of programming all year round
  • 24/7 safer space for self-identified women
  • Volunteer opportunities
  • *Note: We do not prescribe/carry medications including birth control, and we do not have childcare available here.*

Health, Medical Tests and Screening

Pap/Smear tests

A pap or smear test is used to screen and help diagnose precancerous  conditions of the internal sexual and reproductive health organs  (cervix, vagina, rectum). Anyone with a cervix between the ages of 25 and 69 should be screened for cervical cancer every three years. Read more about cervical cancer screening here.

Most types of internal genital cancers can be prevented by getting your HPV vaccine.

SFU Health offers Gardasil-9 (HPV Vaccine) at $170.00/dose.  This is a series of 3 doses recommended. Book an appointment with a  nurse or speak to a nurse about any questions you may have by calling us  at 778.782.4615. If you have not completed your HPV vaccine series, you may be eligible for a publicly funded vaccine. View our vaccine webpage for more information. 

Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) & Testing

Symptoms can include burning, pain or discomfort when you pass urine,  and frequent urination. If you think you may have a UTI, make an  appointment to see a doctor and have urine test done in clinic at SFU or at  LifeLabs (located across the Lower Mainland).

Mindful Medicine for Women of Colour 

This is a group that explores issues related to diversity, equity, restorative justice, and self-care.

Sexual Violence Support and Prevention Office

Goals: 1) To offer survivor-centered trauma informed supports, referrals and information to Survivors of sexual violence and misconduct

2) To provide support, referrals and information to all those impacted by sexual violence and misconduct, including those who receive disclosures of sexual violence and misconduct

3) To eliminate barriers to supports and services for LGBTQ2S+ people, Indigenous people, people of colour, international students, sex workers, people with disabilities, and people from all ages, classes and cultures 

4) To provide education and training to SFU’s three campus communities and Fraser International College (FIC) on responding to disclosures of sexual violence and misconduct, active bystander intervention, consent, media literacy, healthy relationships, Policy GP 44 and other related issues 

5) To work closely and collaborate with on and off campus groups, organizations and other institutions of higher education to enhance our work

6) Policy Review: Participate in the periodic evaluations of Policy GP 44 and its related initiatives

Safe Walk
Burnaby: 778.782.3100
Surrey: 778.782.7070 Vancouver: 778.782.5029

The Safe Walk Program provides a security escort to support individual safe travel on campus 24/7.

Vancouver Crisis Hotline:

BC 211: Dial 211
confidential, multilingual telephone service available 24/7

Trans Lifeline:

Women Against Violence Against Women:

Battered Women’s Support Services:

KUU-US Crisis Line Society 
Toll-free: 1-800-588-8717
– Youth Line: 250-723-2040
– Adult Line: 250-723-4050.
First Nations and Aboriginal specific 24/7 crisis line based in Port Alberni and serving the entire province.

Research Assistance

  • Find help researching Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies from the SFU Library. Moninder Lalli, is the Librarian for Gender, Sexuality, and Women’s Studies
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